Redmarch helps companies make informed critical decisions when it comes to expanding their business in new or existing markets, improving competitiveness, and enhancing customer reach and loyalty.

Growth Strategy

Redmarch helps clients identify and evaluate new market opportunities. Whether through new geographical markets, customer segments, products or distribution channels, we help clients capitalize on new, sustainable and profitable sources of revenue across Asia Pacific markets.

We apply many different research methods and tools to ensure our clients achieve an in-depth understanding and balanced view of the Asian marketplace and make informed decisions when it comes to expanding into new markets or competing in an existing environment. Particularly in new markets or in uncertain circumstances, we provide clients a clear understanding of the industry and the forces driving changes in the market in order to support effective decision-making.

Redmarch also serves as independent market researchers for companies seeking capital market transactions in Malaysia. We provide independent market assessments that are primarily used for initial public offerings, reverse-takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, diversification and restructuring exercises.

Customer Strategy

Improving customer reach and loyalty is a top priority for executives in every industry. Through in-depth research of your customers, Redmarch helps you understand your customers, fine-tune your targeting strategy and enhance your brand positioning and value proposition to customers. We develop customer strategies for clients that allow them to track customer satisfaction and brand health and monitor marketing effectiveness.

In a world where products and services are increasingly commoditized, creating and managing a unique customer experience is critical. From the initial stage of crafting your brand promise to tracking the performance of every customer touchpoint with your brand, Redmarch helps you create and deliver a differentiated and powerful customer experience that drives loyalty and profitability.

Competitive Strategy

Benchmarking is a framework for strategic planning where a company is compared or benchmarked against a leading direct or indirect competitor. Redmarch conducts benchmarking for clients across the entire spectrum of performance metrics including product portfolio, brand strength, service delivery, distribution network, research and development, customer satisfaction and loyalty, sales and marketing, human resource policies, financial performance, technology, organization, etc. Through this process, Redmarch enables clients to identify best practices, critical success factors, strengths and weaknesses which can then used to effect performance and organization improvements and enhance the client's competitive position.

In today's fast-paced business environment, it is essential to know what your competition is up to and respond accordingly in a timely manner. Redmarch helps clients track and monitor competitor activity and market movements by providing concise, accurate and timely insights, alerts, and intelligence. We track companies' advertising and promotional campaigns, price changes, product launches, financial results, management changes, etc.

By having an effective competitor tracking strategy you can have a good understanding of what your competitor is actually doing, what are their strategies to lead the market and to develop their business. You can protect your business and gain and maintain a competitive edge over your competitors in the market.

New Product Development

Redmarch assists clients in developing new products and services as well as improving existing ones. We work closely with clients throughout the entire product development process including the initial idea generation stage, concept evaluation, prototype testing, and post-launch performance monitoring.

A critical component of our role involves carrying out extensive user interviews in order to uncover user insights, attitudes, behavior, aspirations as well as frustration or unmet needs that will help clients develop a successful product or service. We employ a variety of research techniques to gather these insights including ethnography, focus group discussions, customer journeys, in-depth interviews, and quantitative surveys. Sources of insights and ideas are not limited to users but also competitors, suppliers, and channel players (e.g., retailers, distributors).

As part of the idea generation phase, we also conduct sweeps of unrelated industries or related industries in other countries to identify best practices and ideas that may help to improve products, packaging, service delivery, and customer experience.


Working with both established and emerging brands, Redmarch helps clients measure brand performance, finetune targeting, optimize positioning, improve communications, and ultimately develop stronger brands.

Redmarch also works closely with brand consultancies and advertising agencies to ensure brand and advertising strategy is crafted based on accurate market intelligence, not on hunches.

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