We bring together deep industry experience and intimate knowledge of Asian markets to assist you in the following sectors.


Some recents projects in the Industrial sector include:

  1. Demand forecasting for walling material in Malaysia and Singapore
  2. Market sizing of the steel roofing sheet and truss market
  3. Market entry study into the automotive refinish paint in Malaysia
  4. Manufacturing cost benchmarking study of rubber-based products in Asia Pacific
  5. Automotive and architectural glass competitor benchmarking study
  6. Market sizing of chemicals and plastic resins for the construction, plantation and oil and gas sectors in Borneo
  7. Brand health survey of commercial vehicle lubricant brands among third party logistics companies and owner-run transportation services
  8. Brand audit for the world's largest energy shipping company


Our team has carried out numerous research on pharmaceutical and medical devies sector across Asia:

  1. Market sizing and competitive analysis of the in-vitro diagnostics market in Asia Pacific
  2. Market analysis of the medical tourism market in Malaysia
  3. Brand audit of a pharmaceutical distribution company
  4. Ethnography of smokers and opportunity analysis for a smoking cesssation drug


Redmarch has extensive research experience in the education sector in Malaysia. We also publish market research reports covering various aspects of the education market. Our past customized research experience include:

  1. Business continuity assessment for a higher education campus
  2. Opportunity analysis of the upstream education sector
  3. Market entry study into the working adults education sector
  4. Unconverted student survey for a private university in Malaysia
  5. Concept test and price optimization for a new MBA programme
  6. Usage and attitude and brand health survey of international schools in Klang Valley, Malaysia
  7. Campus relocation analysis

Consumer & Retail

Redmarch has worked with some of the top retailers in the region. Besides retailers, we also work closely with suppliers or manufacturers of retail products to help them evaluate and seize opportunities. Research that we have done include the following:

  1. Market entry into the traditional trade toys market in Indonesia
  2. Residential HVAC user insights and concept test
  3. Condensed milk new packaging test
  4. Bakery ingredients market sizing and competitive analysis in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia
  5. Hypermarket shopper behaviour survey
  6. Motorcycle brand health survey
  7. Mobile application concept test and user insights

More Information

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