What We Do

At Redmarch, you'll have an opportunity to work across many types of industries with a diverse set of clients ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to fast rising startups, large local conglomerates to government agencies. With coverage of high growth as well as emerging markets in Asia Pacific, you'll gain exposure to a wide variety of experiences throughout the region.

Career Progression

Your career progression at Redmarch is driven solely by your performance and merit. There is no fixed career path or length of time that a person should stay at a particular level. We believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performers.

What We Look For

We seek individuals with a track record of excellence and achievement. Key traits that we value in our people are:

  • Passionate and motivated
  • Eagerness to learn and achieve
  • Inquisitive mindset with exceptional analytical skills
  • Comfortable being challenged regularly by new industries and new business issues
  • Strong interest in Asia

We are currently recruiting fresh graduates as well as experienced hires. We welcome candidates with or without relevant consulting experience from diverse industries and educational background.

If you would like to be part of an exciting, fast-growing company, send your resume and cover letter to:


Redmarch offers internship programmes throughout the year. Internship durations range from two to six months. Internships are not remunerated but a monthly allowance is provided. As an intern at Redmarch, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover diverse industries across Asia Pacific - Analyze the Indonesian toy market one day and research the Vietnamese bakery ingredients market the next.
  • Dive into real business problems - Whether it is customer churn, weak branding, increasing competition, or disruption of new technology, you get to witness real companies - both local and multinationals - addressing real business challenges.
  • Gain exposure to market research methodologies - Witness a focus group discussion in action. Develop complex market sizing and forecasting models. Learn how surveys are designed and executed.
  • Make an impact in the business world - Our research are used by businesses to make critical decisions that have impact on investments, profits, jobs and markets. Based on our research, clients have launched multi-million dollar advertising and branding campaigns, closed down underperforming businesses, introduced new products into the market, and invested millions to expand factory capacity.

If you are keen to gain an invaluable learning experience in market intelligence and marketing strategy, apply for an internship with us and send your resume to: