Make informed decisions

Redmarch is a market intelligence firm specializing in Asia Pacific markets. By delivering research-based, actionable advice, we help both large Fortune 500 companies and fast-rising startups make informed critical decisions when it comes to expanding their business, improving competitiveness, and enhancing customer reach and loyalty. With local teams and a regional network that covers high growth and emerging markets across Asia, we provide the local knowledge and expertise to help you understand, compete and grow in the world's fastest growing region.

Growth Strategy

Our core expertise is to help clients identify and evaluate new market opportunities. Whether through new geographical markets, customer segments, products or distribution channels, we help clients capitalize on new, sustainable and profitable sources of revenue across Asia Pacific markets. »

Customer Strategy

Through in-depth research of your customers, Redmarch helps you to understand your customers, fine-tune your targeting strategy and enhance your value proposition and service delivery to customers in order to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, and business profitability. »

Competitive Strategy

We help clients understand and track leading competitors to identify competitive threats, best practices, critical success factors, strengths and weaknesses which can then used to effect performance and organization improvements and enhance the client's competitive position. »

New Product Development

Using a range of methodologies including ethnography, in-depth interviewing, and observations, we work together with clients at the early stages of innovation to generate ideas, uncover unmet needs, and identify design insights to improve products, service delivery, branding and customer experience. »